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Client Portals

We use a system that creates a secure online portal for each client. The client has access to their portal 24/7. They can access it from their computer or mobile device. We are able to respond to clients and provide information outside of the normal office hours. We can upload documents for review and clients may make notes, ask questions, and even sign documents electronically. Clients may also securely pay invoices, filing fees, courts costs and fines online. This reduces the overall cost for our clients, provides quicker communication, and streamlines much of the process for both our office and our clients. The added peace of mind that this provides to our clients has been the greatest benefit of implementing the use of this system. It has also expanded the locations in which we offer services, as we can do so much of the work remotely. It serves as a virtual file that both our staff and clients may access from most anywhere, at any time. Clients can take a picture of documents with their cell phone and upload it to their portal rather than having to fax or mail documents. Clients may also scan and upload documents for quick review and comment. Being able to communicate with clients so quickly and easily has proven to be a real asset to our office and more importantly, a benefit to our clients. Want to know more? Ask us about our client portals when you call to schedule your no-cost consultation.

What to Expect

A team with extensive experience dedicated to making your needs a priority while providing attentive and compassionate service.

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